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Guest Blog

Tom Campbell’s Story of Haiti

As the “in county” trip leader for this year’s trip to Haiti my experience was quite a bit different than the previous year where I was a team member with Pastor Samuel as the lead.  In contrast to last year, this trip was more focused on the team and their experiences.  My self-reliance and […]

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Ashley Walters’ Story from Haiti

Where do I even begin? Human logic tells us things have a beginning and an ending. Our earthly logic has its limits. Many things of God,God himself, and the Holy Spirit far exceed our earthly understanding, knowledge, and logic. Perhaps we are designed to always be this way, after all it humbles us and […]

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McKenzie Simmler’s Story of Haiti

My experience in Haiti was amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Haiti, and it was such a blessing to have had this opportunity. Each day I woke up smiling to the sound of children laughing and singing at the school next door.  Then through each day we met more and more smiling, happy, […]

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Doris Stitt’s Story of Haiti

When the church announced in 2013 there would be a vision trip to Haiti I was ready to sign up. Unfortunately however the trip filled up very quickly and I was not able to go. You can imagine my surprise when in March 2014 I received an e-mail that a trip was scheduled for […]

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Tess Teurling’s Story from Haiti

One of my favorite parts of visiting Haiti was seeing the innocence of the people.

One of the days, we were in the water playing with the kids when I decided to play a game where I cradle the child in my arms and, on the count of three, quickly stand up with them […]

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Leslie Potkaletski’s Story from Haiti

Our vision trip to Haiti had an interesting effect on me.  As someone who has traveled some, originally for New York City, taught Social Studies for a time, there was a level of “I know what to expect”… that was totally blown out of the water almost immediately.  I expected to see poverty, I […]

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Chris Taylor’s Story from Haiti

We race up the mountain road chasing the Baskil (Big truck), carrying the doom (55 gallon plastic barrel) full of 160 tilapia being transported to Edvy’s pond. We stop and pick up Edvy and then stop briefly again further up to pick up a helper with 3 5 gallon pails. We stop abruptly along […]

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