Amber Saxon: Community Overflowing...God's Presence through Sickness and Loss

Amber Saxon shares her story of overcoming cancer, only to face it again in a way she never anticipated. Where was God in the midst of the battle?

Angie Rogers: Community Overflowing...Giving People Hope

Angie Rogers was diagnosed with a rare disease known as Behcets, seven years ago. Now, she has managed to keep her symptoms under control and has the opportunity to be an encourager for others with this rare disease. This is her story.

McBrearty Family: Community Overflowing...with a Potluck Block Party

Chuck and Linda share their story of how they have found a way to build community in their neighborhood through a unique front yard potluck event. They also share a bit of how a car show at Trinity Wellsprings Church was their invitation to becoming members at the church.

Torres-Rivera Family: Community Overflowing...into their Neighborhood

Jerry and Olga share how their yard and pool have become a gathering place for neighborhood kids and parents, and how God is using these interactions to build meaningful relationships.