Announcing our New Partnership with Family Promise of Brevard

Submitted by Rev. Dr. Jason Carter

Trinity Wellsprings Church is excited to announce a new local partnership with Family Promise of Brevard. Family Promise is an organization committed to alleviating the growing homelessness among families within Brevard County. Did you know that families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States today? Nearly 40% of persons experiencing homelessness are families with children. Last year, Brevard County School District coded nearly 2,000 students as homeless. Family Promise of Brevard is the only emergency shelter program in Brevard County that can shelter intact families with a father or boys over the age of twelve.

For two weeks this year, Trinity Wellsprings Church has agreed to host up to 14 homeless individuals (representing up to four families) on our campus for one week at a time. The dates are March 18-25 and May 27-June 3. I am so thankful that Megan Campbell and Judy Natwick have both agreed to be our Co-Coordinators with Family Promise as well as the leadership provided by Diane Berry (Chairperson of the Mission Leadership Team) who has been working hard to make this prayerfully approved and Session-supported partnership a reality for our church family.

You will be hearing more about Family Promise in the weeks to come. Our participation as a church family entails being gracious hosts of our guests for a week from 5:00 pm – 6:30 am. During the day, our guests will be “off-campus” as adults will be working (if employed) or looking for employment or training (if under-employed or unemployed) while the children will be in daycare, school, and after-school programs. The candidates are all carefully screened by Family Promise; addicts and alcoholics are not the target audience for Family Promise. The typical “image” we have of a homeless person, namely, a person standing with a sign close to I-95 with an alcohol problem is not the “face” of today’s homelessness. With a two-bedroom apartment costing an average of $865/month in Brevard County, the homelessness in our county are often people who have fallen on a tough time in life after successfully living for some time “pay-check to pay-check”.

We will need many volunteers during these two weeks. Thus, we are offering two different training times on Sunday March 4th (9:00-10:20 am) and (10:30-11:40) in the Seminar Room (choose one). Our church will provide dinners and food for our guests, a host will stay with our guests from 5:30-8:00 pm, and two people will be needed to sleep overnight (8:30 pm – 6:30 am) at the church. So consider attending of the training times on March 4th to better acquaint yourself with the exciting vision of Family Promise, and be ready to say “YES” to Megan Campbell and Judy Natwick when they reach out to you for your help!!

We want to work as a community in community to love our community. To that end, I’ve already reached out to Rev. Harry Hollomon of Satellite Beach United Methodist Church, Coastal Community School (which rents space in our JAMLand building Tuesday-Thursday), and Intervarsity Collegiate Ministries to partner with us in this exciting adventure. Yet make no mistake about it, this will require an “all-hands on deck” type of commitment from Trinity Wellsprings Church! I’m excited to see our church step up to the plate in truly giving people not a hand-out but a hand-up in life. The average family only spends 6-10 weeks with Family Promise before they are transitioned to a permanent housing arrangement. What a gift for our church family to be partnering with such a great organization!

P.S.  Feel free to contact directly Megan Campbell or Judy Natwick for more information or to offer yourself as a volunteer.