vission and beliefs


Meaning of Our Name and Logo

Wellsprings are abundant and dynamic sources of life. Our name and logo conveys our trust in the Triune God who overflows life and love into creation. When Jesus encountered a woman far from God, he promised that God’s grace “will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14). Receiving God’s love causes us to overflow kindness to others.

Community Overflowing…Stories

Hearing stories are the best way at the people of Trinity Wellsprings Church can share the people-blessing vision that God has given us.


Our Core Values

Truth and Grace

Following our Lord’s gracious, respectful manner, we devote ourselves to learning God’s Word and bringing the hope of Christ to our broken and confused world.

Deepening Relationships

Believing that relationships matter, we build closer friendships with other Christ-followers, bearing one another’s burdens and influencing each other for good; we seek relationships with unbelievers because we value them.

Holy Discontent

Refusing to accept mediocrity in our lives or our culture, we pursue positive change by following Jesus more closely and embodying Him more fully, wherever God sends us. Though saddened when people lose faith and leave churches, God is transforming our grief into holy discontent, so that we are becoming missional—joining God’s mission to bless our neighbors.


Our Vision

We will be missional Christ-followers: strong enough to embody truth, overflow grace, and build hope in our communities. Our congregation will be a missional movement: transforming culture by equipping its people to live as missionaries and form creative expressions of church.


Our Beliefs

Trinity Wellsprings Church is a congregation in ECO: a Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. Those ordained to lead in ECO are committed to these Essential Beliefs.



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