Social Media concept with smartphone

Submitted by Christine Randall, Communications Administrator

There is no doubt to most of us that we live in a digital world. We carry miniature, hand-held computers in our hands, pockets, and purses everywhere we go. Aside from using them to call others, we consult them for calendars, emails, texting, research, this list could go on and on. Have you ever left home without it and felt lost all day?

Social Media
Due to major changes in Facebook’s algorithms, we are in the process of tweaking some of our communications processes to make necessary changes to our strategies, especially when it comes to social media. Do you see yourself as a social media guru? Do you have marketing skills? Do you know what Google Analytics, SEO and FB Pixel mean? We want YOU! We’ll be building some new teams, doing some trainings, and kicking off some exciting new ministry opportunities as we get closer to fall.

Website Refresh
This summer, we’re also looking to update and refresh our website. Do you have design skills? Photography skills? Logisitical skills? We want YOU!

Trinity’s Church App
In case you’ve missed it, we have a church app…you can use it to connect with us in a variety of ways…online Connect Cards, Bible & Sermon Notes, Event Registrations, Life Groups, etc. For installation instructions, go HERE.

Sign Up!
To sign up for any of these teams, please TEXT communications to 321-777-3691 and Christine Randall will be in touch with you!