Elder’s Report & Session Activity:

We long to keep our congregation informed about leadership activities and decisions. To that end, please find the following Session report:

  1. Worship at Trinity. 

    • Changes to our mask policy, changes to the 9:00 service (moving from tent to sanctuary), and summer worship hours were enacted. Pastor Jason recently updated the congregation about these changes via a letter.

    • Session recommended staff to look into selling the tent rather than storing it, especially considering the cost ($800-$1,000) to put the tent up.

    • Ventilation improvements to the sanctuary air conditioners was discussed. Staff enacted (on May 10) air purifiers for the sanctuary air-conditioners and the following information was sent out to the congregation via the e-newsletter:

      • “In an effort to reduce air-born germs in the sanctuary, Trinity has taken the steps to purify our air conditioners by installing in-duct air purifiers utilizing RGF’s proprietary Reflective Electromagnetic Energy technology.  Dual ionizers to reduce airborne particulates kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses; reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet; and new zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces.”

    • The passing of the plate (offering) will resume as ushers come back on board. 

    • VBS mask policy is ‘required’ for all staff and attendees following the lead of Brevard County Schools.

  2. The Replanting of Trinity Wellsprings Church: Our Next Steps was scheduled for May 2, 2012.

    • See the topics discussed here.

  3. Children’s Ministries

    • A “Hard Launch” is scheduled for children’s ministries on August 15th.  This will also be a “Bring a Friend” Sunday.

    • In June, Jill Means, Mike Elmer, Joann Webster and volunteers are planning to enact a rebranding of JAMLAND and decorate/paint the first floor of JAMLand to align with the new branding of the building. 

  4. Life Groups

    • A working group to discuss discipleship at Trinity continues to meet. 

    • Church staff will continue to recruit folks interested in being part of a life group relaunch in the fall. Staff will also continue to ask people interested in creating a “ground swell” by calling people in August in order to increase Life Group  participation throughout the congregation.

  5. Finances

    • The next fiscal year budget (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022) was approved at $1,387,000.  This budget was shared on May 2nd with the congregation at “The Replanting of Trinity Wellsprings Church”. 

    • Finance Committee is working on refining a Capital Reserves Fund plan that will minimize unexpected expenses to the annual budget.

  6. Personnel

    • Session approved a “Director of College Ministries & The Fellows Program” in collaboration with the CCO (Coalition of Christian Outreach). This initiative incubated within the Mission Leadership Team after several Covenant Partners attended “The Perspectives of World Christian Movement” and recognized that international students from around the globe are coming into our community, many of whom are unreached with the gospel and 85% of whom never will set foot inside an American home during their four years of college. American college campuses are increasingly becoming “unreached people groups” with the gospel. TWC sees an opportunity to establish a “missional outpost” at Florida Tech (FIT) and Eastern Florida State College. Recognizing the challenge of distance from the college campuses to TWC, this missional outpost will engage college students with the gospel and enact discipleship groups.

      • This position requires a potential candidate to fund-raise through the CCO.  Therefore, the position represents only a part-time pay to Trinity but lands a full-time position on our staff.  CCO will be the official employer but the position will be overseen by Trinity’s Head of Staff. 

      • In addition, the position will initiate a TWC “The Fellows Program” that will consist of a 9-month mentorship program of recent college graduates (22-23 year olds) with a view towards equipping with a biblical worldview and helping them live out their faith in their chosen vocations (i.e. intersection of faith and work).

      • Session is hoping that a potential candidate would start in the Fall, but there is a chance the position remains unfilled because of the difficulty of finding a candidate who wants to fund-raise. The interview team consists of Bill Rylander (elder), Marissa Mayo (elder & Mission Leadership Team), Angie Rogers, Mike Elmer, and Jason Carter.

    • Session discussed how to divide the non-worship roles that Scott Jordan currently occupies, given his recent retirement letter that went out to the congregation recently.

    • The search with AGORA Search Group for a Director of Modern Worship and Young Adult Ministry continues. 

  7. Coffey Anderson Community Concert

    • Business and family sponsorships are gaining steam in order to fund this community concert. Covenant Partners of TWC are encouraged to prayerfully participate by sponsoring the concert (via a business or as a family) and/or purchase $10 tickets.  The first 500 tickets sold at $10 will ensure attendance “inside” in case of rainy weather. 

  8. New ByLaws for TWC

    • A motion carried to present new bylaws for a congregational vote at the next congregational meeting.

    • Explanation and History per Scott Jordan: “When we joined ECO in 2012, our church no longer had 501(c)(3) status under the umbrella of the PCUSA. In 2012, Trinity updated its old outdated 1964 By Laws to include 501(c)(3) language [Note: 501(c)(3) didn’t come into existence until 1969] and updated other language to comply with ECO requirements. However, Trinity’s session in 2012 did not present the new bylaws to the congregation for a vote because it sensed fatigue within the congregation after the long season of denominational change. Thus, Trinity has been operating with an outdated set of by-laws. Approving the new by-laws helps remedy this situation. Attorney Gene Cavallucci reviewed and updated the By Laws to verify their legality.” ~ Scott Jordan, Executive Director of Worship and Administration.

    • Covenant Partners can view the proposed new by laws here and view the old by laws here


    • The SHINE Renovation Team chaired by Fran Pickett has begun meeting occasionally the last couple of months and is ramping up slowly, having initial discussions about what a future potential renovation of the sanctuary/fellowship hall upgrade might look like after Trinity is debt-free from the Shine Capital Campaign. 

    • The SHINE renovation team proposes a brainstorming focus group beginning with Session within the next few weeks. 

  10. Youth Ministry

    • Fernando Kittrell II will be our “Youth Ministry Intern” this summer, arriving near the end of May/beginning of June. 

It is our hope that the congregation will receive an elder’s report every two months beginning in the Fall to keep you “up to speed” regarding the vision, ministries, activities, and ongoing leadership decisions of our congregation. 

Privileged to serve you,

The Elders at Trinity Wellsprings Church:  Rev. Dr. Jason Carter (Moderator); Dick Geach, Tim Huggins, and Lisa Palmer (2018-2021); Marissa Mayo, Bill Rylander, and Ryan Schumacher (2019-2022); Pat Ambrose, Rick Clough, and Suzy Fenton (2020-2023).

*** The next congregational meeting will be May 30, 2021 to vote on the new bylaws and to vote on the Elder Nominating Committee’s nomination of new (three) elders.  The May 30 Congregational Meeting will take place in the sanctuary 10:10-10:25 am between the 2nd and 3rd worship services.