Info Meeting: Global Mission Trip- INDIA

Information Sheet

Mission trip to India

General:  For the first time in our 25yr relationship with Pastor Frank Godberg, TWC is planning to send a 6 to 8 person mission team to India.  Travelers to India will apply for a “tourist” visa, and stay together as much as possible while in country.  Note:  Foreigners are strictly prohibited from engaging in any kind of evangelistic ministry while in country, but are free to while on Bethel church grounds. For safety and security of Bethel and staff, the address of a local travel agent will be used as your address of contact while in India.  Team activities must “not” appear to be connected to the church. 

Date: 14 through 23 February, 2025

Arrival/Departure Point: Bangalore International Airport. Note: To seem more like tourists, team members will lodge at a Bangalore hotel on first and last day of mission trip. The TWC team will be provided transportation from Bangalore hotel, to Bethel’s church grounds (a 2 hour drive); afterwards returned back to Bangalore hotel one day prior to scheduled travel back to the US.

Lodging:  When not staying at Bangalore hotel, team members will lodge in Bethels Guest House, located on the grounds of the church.

Work Activities While in India: Among other things, the team will visit children’s homes and engage in spiritual activities.

Total Cost Estimated to be less than $2000.00.  Currently, a roundtrip airline ticket from Orlando to Bangalore International Airport is less than $900.  Cost per night stay at Bangalore Hotel: (unknown).  There is no charge to lodge at Bethel’s Guest house.  Note: Specific prices, along with additional information will be provided at a later date.  

 Cut-off Date:  90 days prior to departure. 

The event is finished.


May 19 2024


10:15 am - 10:45 am


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