Music was a gift from the Lord to His people…and it became a new language – the language of praise. Christian music is a great way to connect with God and other Christians. Singing your faith in worship helps us to internalize it. Did you know that singing daily for at least 10 minutes reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture and can even help you live longer!

Why do we sing to our God? It’s a necessary part of worship – to sing praises to our God! Music has the power to lift us up- it can create a mood – it can energize or relax us. Music based on God’s word and dedicated to Him is even more powerful! It is so inspiring to hear people singing His praises – and seekers are often drawn to God through music.

It’s important for ALL of us to sing to God. However, some people have been given a special musical gift from God– a lovely voice, the ability to play an instrument.

ARE YOU MUSICALLY GIFTED? Are you using those gifts to praise God? Part of my job here at Trinity is to encourage people to use their gifts. There are many opportunities to get involved from the one time summer singers to a regular choir member. Christmas concerts are a chance for instrumentalists, vocalists and kids to participate in a worship experience.  Chapel Bells is a fun musical group that requires only music reading skills

Summer Singers – A New Season of Music  All are welcome to join these two summer opportunities. Lady Summer Singers Wednesday, July 25, 7:30 pm, Music Suite, rehearse to sing at 10:30 service on Sunday, July 29 (Grade 6 through Adults); Men Summer Singers Wednesday, August 1, 7:30 pm, Music Suite, Grade (10 and up) rehearse to sing at 10:30 am service on Sunday, August 5. Chancel Choir Resumes Wednesday, August 15, 7:30 pm, Music Suite rehearse to sing at 10:30 am service on Sunday, August 19.

I encourage you to join the music ministry of Trinity!

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With His Song in my Heart,
Sandy Bryan