Community Overflowing with…Stories: Guatemala Mission Team

2019 TWC Guatemala Team: (Back row, l to r) Chris Hodge, Bill Drexler, Lexi Fenton, Hannah Hodge, Becca Bowers, Alex Bowers, James Knowlton, Randy Gerry; (Front row, l to r) Kristy Knowlton, Chris Bowers; (not pictured): Janet Irvin, Marissa Mayo
Volcano near Angtitua

This trip was awesome! To go with my son Alex and meet my daughter Becca and then serve with both of them, how could a Christian father ask for anything more. One of the first things I observed was how well Becca has immersed herself in this culture. This blonde haired blue eyed “gringo” seemed to have rockstar status at every ministry/place we visited.

Guatemala is a beautifully landscaped country but contrast that beauty with the poverty and it left this “gringo” with mixed emotions. Early on I felt humbled and blessed for the life God has given me. I also found a new appreciation for ICE!

Our host family, Paul and Thania, is a true example of the great commission at work. It is inspiring to step back and take a moment to realize what they are doing and how they are helping the people they are ministering to.

Yes, I would return to Guatemala as now I know a group of folks who truly are missionaries and they certainly can use our help!                                                                      

–Chris Bowers

Spending the past two months on mission in Guatemala and Mexico has been life changing. From reading Bible stories, to holding babies, to farming, to building a house, to giving English lessons, to leading worship, and SO much more, the Lord allowed my heart to be beautifully broken for what breaks his, and I am so grateful. I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity by my friends, family, and Trinity, and I am excited to go back in the future and fulfill more for God’s kingdom.           

–Becca  Bowers

Guatemala Team and New Friends
Ready to Hike the Mountain!

I will never forget the sweet smile of a little boy I played ball with. As his mother led him away I thought about what he faced. Tin siding shacks, not enough food and fresh water, along with extreme heat. It broke my heart.

–Chris Hodge

On their first date, Thania took Paul somewhere special. Paul was confused when they stopped on a deserted road. When she got out of the car children came running from the dump where they had been looking for food, calling her name excitedly.

–Janet Irvin

We climbed a mountain through the wilds of Guatemala to provide dry provisions to families not able to reach a store let alone medical care. A family of widows with small children stands out in my mind. Too old and sick no one will employ them. Malnutrition and isolation keep them poverty-stricken. Is there hope for these people? Their hearts say yes through all they suffer as they asked for prayers over each family member. Their Belief and Faith speaks louder to my heart than any sermon I could have heard. Having so little yet their hearts were still faith-filled.

–Kristy Knowlton

Under the Mango Tree

Under The Mango Tree…We were sitting under a mango tree in the middle of a town that did not have running water and certainly none of the luxuries we have here at home.  The town children were called to join us under the mango tree where we would do some crafts and give them some food. We started with a reading of a bible story only to discover that most of them had never heard of Jesus. We then took a step back and introduced them to our Lord and Savior.  I don’t think any of us will ever forget those faces or ours!                                       

–Marissa Mayo