Dear Trinity Wellsprings Church,

A joy-filled sense of gratitude which humbles a person before the Lord. These are the emotions that have accompanied my own sense of calling to be a pastor-shepherd at Trinity Wellsprings  Church.

The community of faith in the Old Testament went singing, dancing, and sharing life together as the people of God ascended the topography of ancient Israel to arrive at Jerusalem to worship God and celebrate a joyous festival to remember God’s mighty acts of grace and redemption. Ancient Israel captured the prayers and songs surrounding these pilgrimages in a segment of the Psalter commonly referred to as “The Psalms of Ascent” (Psalms 120-134). I can imagine the excitement in the community in the days leading up to the pilgrimage which burst forth from one Psalmist with these emotions:

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!'” (Psalm 122:1).

My own anticipation of traveling together and sharing life with the family of Trinity Wellsprings Church truly brings me great joy and gladness!

In my last position, I was the Senior Leader of the Executive Leadership Team of IBCP Seminary, the largest evangelical seminary of Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa.  (Yes, I fully expect you’ve never heard of the only country in Africa where Spanish is the official language – Equatorial Guinea!) Working as a seminary professor and missionary, it has been a privilege to equip, train, and disciple pastors and leaders for ministries of the gospel for the last 11 years.

By God’s grace, my wife Lisa and I have loved deeply the people of Equatorial Guinea. We have cried at funerals, danced at weddings, preached in rural villages, raised up leaders, taught in conferences, and shared countless meals with people. These have been “our people”. We have embraced them deeply from the heart while receiving the incredible blessing to have been warmly accepted and loved by a multitude of families, churches, and villages.

Calling is a  mysterious (and frequently nebulous) term, but the call of God often consists of a supernatural leading and challenge to identity with  God’s people  during a specific time and place. God wants the leader to identify that people as “my people”.

Trinity Wellsprings Church: You are my people.

I will delight to love you deeply. To serve in mission with you. To share meals with you. To gather around the Word of God with you. To remind you often that you are God’s beloved.

What draws me to Trinity Wellsprings Church? The church is growing in its love of the gospel and the mission of God, serving its community in a variety of healthy ways. I can see that the church values excellence in its programs and personnel. I love that the church is ready to embrace new innovative leadership even while honoring its past. I love the genuine care that is evident between our covenant partners and the spirit of prayer that permeates our life together. I love that the DNA of Trinity Wellsprings Church resides in its dynamic life groups which provides fruitful channels for transformational discipleship and life-on-life relationship.

I arrive to serve at Trinity Wellsprings Church with tCarterFamilyCROPPEDhe gift of my very talented wife Lisa whose heart beats with compassion and counsel for those in need. We met on the north shore of Boston where we both attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. For the last 15 years of our marriage, we have served shoulder-to­ shoulder in ministry as Lisa was on the church staff as the Director of College & Young Adult Ministries for a church in the Midwest when I was ordained as a pastor.  She has taught me much over the years about following Jesus and loving people. We have three rambunctious young boys:  Kenyon(10), Jackson(5), and Tristan (3). Each one is God’s gift to us in unique and distinct ways!

Martin Luther once said: “We need to hear the Gospel every day, because we forget it every day.” I pray that my life and testimony as well as my leadership and ministry among you will be stamped with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a church, we have no other hope – and we can rally around no higher or greater cause than the simple biblical gospel which transforms our lives, establishes our fellowship, inspires our worship, and sends us out into the world as Christ’s ambassadors.

Christ is the Head of Trinity Wellsprings Church! Over the years, you’ll hear me declare this unequivocally, enthusiastically, and repeatedly.  Christ is the Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4). For my own part, I am excited and grateful to be called by God to be a servant-leader, to travel with you on this journey of discipleship, and to pastor a church that Jesus Christ deeply loves.

Grateful to be with you,
Rev. Dr. Jason Carter



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