Re-Opening the Church with Wisdom

Read the Letter & Information pages that Pastor Jason Carter sent the congregation on May 20, 2020:

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Eventbrite: Reserve Your Seats

Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing platform that will allow you to electronically reserve your seat each Sunday. In stages 1, 2, (and possibly 3), you will need to reserve your seat (for FREE) via Eventbrite. Tickets will be limited to the number of seats available in each venue in order to ensure our church can safely practice social distancing.

How to Register for one of Trinity’s Four Services:

By When? Friday (preferably)

What if a venue reaches capacity? Then please register for another time/venue with space.

Why?  To ensure our church can practice safe social distancing.

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Governing Principles and Values for Re-Opening our Church


1. Health and Safety: Our first priority will be the safety and health of our congregation and staff.
2. Be Subject to Governing Authorities (Rom. 13:1-2): We will adhere to federal, state, and city guidelines.
3. Information is Power: We will stay informed on current COVID-19 trends in the state and county.
4. Show Grace: We will practice extraordinary grace with one another as a church family as people deal with this global pandemic in diverse ways and choose to re-enter gathered worship at different times.
5. Touchless Worship: The goal is to facilitate a completely touch-free entry and exit from our worship services.
6. Priority of Gathered Worship: We will initially meet for Sunday services only.

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LIVE STREAM WORSHIP:  Sundays at 10:30 am

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