Trinity Kids Newsletter August 2021



ON september 5th Come and See the new trinity kids boardwalk!


Trinity Kids will now be meeting in our children's space that has been completely remodeled. Join us at 8:30am for Children's Ministry on September 5th, take a tour of the Boardwalk, enjoy some refreshments, and meet other families at the church.


september 19th! it's time to come back to church!

We are celebrating National Back to Church Day on September 19th! Invite your neighbors to join us for worship at 8, 9 or 10:30am, and then at 11:45, enjoy a block party in front of the BeachHouse. We'll have food, lively music, activities for kids, and an introduction to many of the ministries at Trinity Wellsprings Church. It's another fantastic opportunity to spend time with your church family and maybe meet some new folks in our community!

what else is happening in trinity kids?

This Sunday kicks off another fun new theme in both the Preschool/K and Elementary groups. Here's what we're learning:


Squish, splat, boing, boom! The only thing better than hearing these silly sounds is making them yourself! That's exactly what children will be doing in the "Silly Sound Factory." Using their mouths, bodies, and just about anything else they can find, preschool and kindergarten kids will help make the Bible come alive with their very own sound effects. Best of all, they'll learn all about God's faithfulness and the power of forgiveness.

Our first story comes from Genesis when we learn that God spoke to Abraham and promised him that he would give him and his descendants a new land to live in, and that he would have many, many children - as many children as there are stars in the sky! Abraham and his wife were very old, and were sad that they did not yet have any children, so God's promise was wonderful news. Preschoolers and kindergartners will stay engaged by making fun sounds as the story is told - the sound of footsteps, crickets, and crying! They will learn that even though people can sometimes let us down, God will always keep his promises. In this unit, kids will continue learning about God's promises and forgiveness through the silly sounds in the stories of Baby Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph.


What kid doesn’t secretly like a little slime? It’s ooey, it’s gooey, and it’s perfect for telling the next part of The Big Bible Story! During the “Slime Time” series, elementary kids will be molding, shaping, and diving into (with their hands that is) green globs of goo to uncover some of the grosser parts of God’s Word.

Up first is Genesis 15 and the covenant that God made with Abraham. In the times of the Patriarchs, a covenant was made between a person of higher standing and a person of lower standing by rending animals in half as a putrid example of what would happen to the lesser person if he broke the promises of the covenant. The astounding thing in the Genesis passage is that Abraham fell fast asleep and saw a vision of God passing between the pieces! This bloody ritual would normally have been required of the lesser person, in this case Abraham, but God in his grace and mercy makes a promise in the form of a covenant with Abraham (a mere man) and reveals that He alone will fulfill it. Our kids will learn about this amazing grace from such a great God with a little help from gooey slime!

volunteers needed!

Why should you volunteer in Children's Ministry? Check out this short video!

You know those questions the pastor asks of the congregation every time he performs a baptism on a child? As part of the body of Christ, we have all been called by God to participate in encouraging, teaching, and raising up the next generation. What an honor to be able to share the love of Christ with a child! Here are some areas where you have an opportunity to serve in Children's Ministry:

Welcome Team

Greet families, assist with check-in, escort to classrooms


Present a Bible story in a large group setting through speaking, video, skits, music, etc.

Small Group SKIPPER

Build upon the large group lesson through age-appropriate discussion, crafts, games, and other activities; develop relationships with students and their families

Security Team

Prevent unauthorized people from entering facility and classrooms

Hospitality Team

Set up coffee bar prior to worship service; clean up after worship; monitor supplies and notify Children's Ministry Director of needs

These are just some of the ways in which you can help us make every child's experience at The Boardwalk memorable.

Join us on Sunday, September 5th at 8:30am to see how much fun we are having in Trinity Kids!

have you seen trinity kids at the boardwalk lately?


coming soon! trinity kids mission project

We live in one of the most blessed and beautiful places on earth, but many people around the world do not have access to clean water. Meanwhile, plastics in our oceans have accumulated to create massive flotillas of harmful trash that suffocate wildlife and endanger the biome.

What if we could REDUCE the amount of plastic winding up in our oceans and PROVIDE clean water for a community that lacks access to it right now?

Families can lead the way and help us turn conservation into clean water. Click below for more info about potential partner charity: water and stay tuned for how Trinity Kids can make an impact!


We would love to connect with you! Please contact us with any questions, comments, or just to meet up!

Mike Elmer, Director of Children & Family Ministries

Jill Means, Associate Director of Children's Ministry