Why Join a Life Group?

The Christian faith is meant to be lived in relationship with God and with one another. Life Groups connect us to Christian community that provides the context and opportunity for maturation and growth in our faith as we learn to love one another as Christ has loved us. What a beautiful picture!

Life Groups are the primary way people get connected to the body of Christ at Trinity Wellsprings Church. Joining a Life Group opens up authentic community in which to grow relationally with one another and with God. Groups do life together! They meet regularly to study God’s Word, pray, fellowship, and support one another when the challenges of life drag us down. Groups meet during the week at the church or in homes. Join a Life Group today! For more information fill out the form below or contact Pastor Steve Schantz (sschantz@TrinityWellsprings.com) or Pastor Mike Elmer (melmer@TrinityWellsprings.com)

  • Whether meeting on campus or in the living room of a host, Life Group members learn to give and receive, to hear and be heard, to celebrate and console, to encourage and be encouraged through facilitated discussions. Each group meets regularly for social time, bible study, prayer, and outreach.