Hurricane Relief: Bahamas

On Sunday, September 8, 2019, Trinity Wellsprings Church Session communicated the following with our church family:

We indeed were fortunate and blessed that Dorian stayed offshore and the impact to our area was minimal. As you are aware, the Bahamas were not as fortunate and the devastation there is great.  Our hearts ache for the lives lost and the communities in crisis in the Bahamas.  Since we are a caring church, Session feels the need to communicate with the congregation the following information:

First: the immediate need for relief supplies. In the short-term, Trinity will be a collection point for donated and much-needed relief supplies.  We are coordinating with local Christian business people, including Paul Berube, who is involved in the Men’s Breakfast that Trinity hosts on a monthly basis.  You are encouraged to drop-off hurricane relief supplies today and throughout the next couple of weeks in Mission Central.  Relief is already happening, and supplies are already making their way over to the Bahamian people.   BAHAMAS RELIEF supplies have shifted focus away from “immediate need” relief items to clean up and construction related items such as:

  • Hand tools: framing and sledge hammers, screwdrivers, prybars
  • Fasteners-Screws:  3-1/2″ weather resistant screws with Phillips head, 1-1/2″ weather resistant screws with Phillips head
  • Fasteners-Nails:  3-1/2 long 16 penny or larger galvanized nails, roofing, nails, heavy duty “dock” nails
  • Tarps, large heavy duty preferred
  • Drill guns with batteries and chargers
  • Drill bits
  • Screwdriver bits for drill guns
  • Shovels of various types and sizes
  • Post hole diggers
  • Extension cords, heavy duty
  • Solar battery chargers
  • Batteries
  • Solar lights
  • Portable Fuel Cans
  • Generators

Second: financial gifts.  Your elders know that we serve a generous church and want to inform our Covenant Partners that if they wish to make a financial donation, there are many worthy organizations.  Trinity will provide you with a link to “World Renew”, a Presbyterian organization that has strong ties to the Bahamas and has a great track-record of experience working in the aftermath of disasters long after the initial enthusiasm has died down.  World Renew provides long-term, measured assistant to disaster areas.  To give financial support to Hurricane Relief in the Bahamas via World Renew, use the blue donate button on this page.

Third: Session and our own Mission Leadership Team is optimistic that our upcoming Capital Campaign will provide Trinity with an increased capacity to make significant and strategic missional impacts in our community and in our world. The needs in the Bahamas represents an on-going need for the next few years.  The Mission Leadership Team will be considering how Trinity can best impact our world, including monitoring the ongoing situation in the Bahamas, where God may be leading us as a church family to partner towards making a significant and long-lasting impact through the generosity of the people of Trinity.

May we all continue to keep those impacted by Dorian in the Bahamas, as well as those along the East Coast of our Country, in our prayers. Thank you.

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Sep 08 - 30 2019


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