Trinity Wellsprings Church loves our world.
Misión Hispana, Guatemala

Trinity responded to an urgent need from Misión Hispana in Guatemala to send food to 100 families who live (literally) on a town dump in extreme poverty whose conditions have worsened during COVID-19 due to governmental restrictions. Each family received 10 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 5 broiler chicks to raise, and the chicken feed they will need. Trinity partnered with Misión Hispana during last summer’s mission trip.

Pastor Frank Godberg|Bethel MIssion Church|Kolar Gold Fields, India

Christian greetings to you in His precious name.

We pray and believe that you are doing well and so are the saints at Trinity Wellsprings Church. It has been a concern for us about our Friends whose friendship with us in Christ Jesus means a lot to us.

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, we have been very much remembering you precious ones and praying for you as God has on the other hand blessed us with plenty of time being under lockdown and it is a privilege for us to make best use of this time being at the feet of God and supplicating unto Him and lifting up our dear and near ones that God’s protection be upon each of them day in and day out.

Are any of the church members affected with this virus, if so please let us know so that we could pray for them specifically.

Here our area has been classified as green zone, which means there are no COVID-19 cases, however, a couple of days ago, three persons were identified as COVID positive and have been moved to other area for treatment.

The COVID-19 has caused untold suffering to the very poor especially the daily wage earners, building construction workers and people who rely on petty jobs to earn their livelihood. So far we have reached one thousand families and we are continuing the charity work helping out the people as much as we could

Please pray for my health situation which is improving but still I need to work on my fingers and speech.

Our church services are aired online as mass gatherings are not allowed. This has resulted in more viewership of non-Christians, which is a good thing to happen during this pandemic.

In the midst of this pandemic, we had a baptism service on the 9th of May 2020, in which three people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and all the three are from non-Christian background.

Gladys sends her love and greetings to you and to all the saints at Trinity Wellsprings Church.

Thank you for going through this note.
May God bless you richly.
Frank Godberg

Christian Iranian Refugee Students|Pars Theological Centre, Turkey

Trinity responded to an urgent need to help refugee students at Pars Theological Centre in Turkey. Most of these students escaped Iran due to persecution, having lost everything. Life for them in Turkey is acutely difficult, but even more so now since the outbreak of COVID-19.