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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Welcome, we're so glad to see you this morning! Happy Easter!  To view age-appropriate lessons, please click the arrow on the left of each area to expand/close.

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Join us for a Zoom meeting!  If you (or your parents) haven't received the invitation via email, please email Amber Saxon:  asaxon@TrinityWellsprings.com.
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Snack Recipe & Crafts for All Ages

  1-#cross #mosaic kids craft-041Supplies:
  1. Printable Cross template (or draw your own)
  2. Construction paper (or tissue or wrapping paper)
  3. Glue

  Instructions HERE

These classic coffee filter butterflies are SO EASY and so beautiful! This is such a great summer craft idea for kids and a fun low mess activity! It's easy. It's relatively low mess. It's even a bit of a science experiment when you wet the coffee filter and watch the colours blend!

1. Two Coffee Filters
2. Washable Markers or Watercolor Paints
3. Medicine Dropper or Teaspoon
4. Water
5. Pipe Cleaner (if you don't have any pipe cleaners, you can roll up a piece of paper tightly and it will still work well)

Instructions HERE.

Explain to kids that a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar, but transforms into something beautiful and amazing! Because Jesus died on the cross for us, we are also transformed and we have new life in Him.

  Messages and symbols of Easter to wear on your wrist.
  1. Printable
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue or tape
  4. Markers or colored pencils

  Instructions HERE.