Trinity Kids – GOSPEL Formation

This page is designed to introduce you to our ministry to children at Trinity Wellsprings Church.
Scroll down to learn about who we are, our ministry values and other details about our ministry.
Check out the menu at the top of the page to discover ways to bridge our Sabbath rhythms with your family’s habits at home as we seek to live out the two great commandments, to “love the LORD our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

We are a chosen people called to live as ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been deeply moved by the love of God as revealed in the Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, who gave up his life to save ours. Our passion is to share this love with one another and our neighbors in our community. We live out of the Sabbath rest we have found in Jesus, seeking not how to win God’s favor, which we have only by his grace, but learning how to live in the King’s family that he opened to us. This Good News about the redemption of humankind and the renewal of the world takes priority in our homes.

  • As Parents at Trinity Wellsprings, WE JOURNEY TOGETHER: we serve together, encourage one another, do life together, and support one another.
  • We see Parents as the PRIMARY DISCIPLERS for their children: God has given each of us a tremendous calling as parents to be his primary means to shape the hearts of our children to worship Him. We aim to embrace that calling and to pursue worship of Jesus Christ with all that we have so that our children would experience consistency between our words and deeds.
  • We see the CHURCH’s ROLE to be one of spiritual direction and formation, relational support, and teaching support in this weighty task of raising children in the light of God’s grace.
  • The GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST is at the center of all that we do: we aim to introduce children to the greatest love they will ever know and nurture their faith in the living God who made them.

We CELEBRATE the growth of our kids and their faith!

  • MOVING UP grade levels
  • Receiving their FIRST BIBLES
  • Celebrating COMMUNION for the FIRST TIME
  • MOVING ON to Student Ministry in the Beach House


  • How do I REGISTER my child for Sunday programs?
  • Where can I get UPDATES about events and other information?
  • What can I EXPECT on a Sunday morning?
  • What is available for mothers with infants?
  • What do I do if I want my child to be BAPTIZED?
  • Where can I sign up to VOLUNTEER with Trinity Kids?