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9:00 am

Our church will meet exclusively for online worship experiences until further notice.

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Christian Growth for Families

Resources for all ages to help broaden your knowledge and grow in your walk with Christ.

Manic Monday Motivation Volume 8

Christine Randall shares encouragement from Isaiah 61:1-3

online devotion & pRAYER


Tuesday, May 19 was our last Online Devotion & Prayer live.  If you 'd like to view the playlist of these, please head to the playlist on our YouTube Channel.


6:00 pm

Welcome to Riptide Reloaded, our virtual Wednesday night service. Including games, comedy, worship, and message.



April 3, 2020

How does a Dachshund, the Brown Anole lizard, and Palm Sunday all come together? Only in Pastor Steve's pastoral heart!


Wash Before Using -- Steve Schantz

April 1, 2020

Today, it’s not so much the visible dirt we fear but an invisible virus. Yet, there is another cleansing which the Word of God points to in this season.


The Definitive Quarantine Guide to Fun Family Activities  --Jill Means and Amber Saxon

Friday, March 20, 2020

Wondering how your family is going to get through the next few weeks (or more) and still love each other on the other side? So are we. This is a growing list of a variety of safe and fun activities for families.


CORONAFORMATION #5: Humor in a Time of Coronavirus? --Jason Carter

March 24, 2020

"Absolute seriousness is never without a dash of humor." Do Floridians understand this dynamic better than most? Humor's proximity to relieving stress, soothing our fears, and expressing our hope during stressful times can be received as a gift from God despite the serious and uncertain times in which we live.


CoronaFormation #4

The Counsel of Jesus for Anxiety --Jason Carter

March 23, 2020

Pastor Jason recaps Sunday's sermon by encapsulating Jesus' counsel for overcoming anxiety from the Sermon on the Mount. Aren't you glad that Jesus longs for us to live free from worry and anxiety?


CoronaFormation #3

God is our Hiding Place in the Storm of Anxiety --Lisa Carter

March 23, 2020

Lisa Carter (Pastor Jason's wife) shares personally on the intersection of real life and anxiety. Lisa offers practical tips for people struggling with anxiety during the coronavirus.



Biblical Reasons to Gather in Worship

March 18, 2020

Why do Christians gather in corporate worship? A brief guide to understanding the biblical reasons for our historic practice on the Lord's Day.



Fan the Flame of Faith, Rather than Pour Gasoline on Fear

March 17, 2020

Experiencing Anxiety because of the Coronavirus?  "Fear Not" is among the the Lord's favorite commands in the Scriptures to his people.